About Dr. Sunil Shashikant Kale

Every human being possesses different characteristics. Some of them are gifted; some are inherited while some are acquired. However, a common man, who is mired with mundane life hassles, doesn’t know how to use his inherent divine gift. Thus, he confines himself to a limited identity and leaves large number of his natural qualities unexplored.

Very few men, however, are beyond the confines of any boundaries, for they stretch themselves to boundless limits to attain exceptional qualities & multiple identities. Each crust of their personality is transparent, yet enriched with extraordinary qualities. We don’t quite often rub shoulders with such gifted personalities, because they are the rarest of rare. Let’s get connected to one such special personality.

Sunilji, a man in his early fifties comes from a typical Marathi family. Most important legacy that Dr. Kale has received from his family is high moral values. Born & brought-up at Girgaon, Mumbai; Sunilji has received a very rich cultural upbringing. His family has a long history of medical practice for three generations. Keeping in line with his family tradition, Sunilji followed the footsteps of his father & grandfather. He acquired a degree in Ayurvedic medical science, B. A. M. S. from Govindraoji College, Solapur,.

Sunilji, an accomplished doctor, continued his medical practice for about 24 years. But his inquisitive mind, curious & studious approach and ceaseless energies did not allow him to limit himself only to routine medical profession.

His unquenchable thirst to acquire new knowledge prompted him to study other alternative medical disciplines. He has studied Acupressure, Acupuncture, Sujok therapy, Homeopathic medical science, Barakshars or 12 salts therapy, colour therapy & pendant diagnosis technique. Adding new dimensions to his profile, Dr. Sunilji Kale has also studied ancient Indian knowledge disciplines like gemstone therapy, palmistry, horoscope or Kundali, calligraphy, numerology and other occult areas like spirituality, Mantra-shastra, Yantra-shastra & Tantra-shastra.

Naturally, for a common man such personalities always appear to be mystic. People tend to keep away from them because they are either orthodox or reactionary people. Few of them practice pseudo-asceticism, eccentric thoughts & beliefs. Contrary to this, Dr. Sunilji Kale gives pleasantly opposite impression. His looks, his demeanor, his appearance or attire nowhere give any sort of supernatural impression. He is just one of us – calm & quiet, soft-spoken yet confident in articulation. Dr. Sunilji Kale, during his quest for new knowledge firmly believed that the modern science & technology can be coupled with ancient Indian sciences & spirituality to lead a very happy, peaceful & prosperous life.

Pursuing his conviction & belief, Dr. Kale took his ‘saadhana’ to a new level. His sincere intent supported by relentless & focused efforts soon led him to become an enriched, enlightened & empowered persona. With the blessings from his ‘Sadguru’ Dr. Kale has evolved his own technique & therapy to impart energy. For more than 3 years, he has been imparting energy to others. He doesn’t have fan following or hordes of followers. In fact, he doesn’t allow himself to be in that particular cult. But we can find thousands of people who love him & adore him. They have received the benevolence of Cosmic Intellectual Energy, through Dr. Kale. He humbly states that he is merely a catalyst and promptly attributes credit to one’s own sadguru, whoever we respect & worship in our life. He doesn’t claim to have invented anything new. But he humbly puts it on record that he has evolved a new technique to transfer the energy. Number of lyrics composed by him are an integral part of his programme. This is like melodious & delightful musical cruise. With the help of these songs creates positive vibrations in our mind & body. Our biorhythm improves and our body cells and muscles are invigorated by divine music. We get integrated with the cosmic resonance. In Indian spiritual terms, this is called ‘Nadbrahma’. This is magical but not a magic because this is a scientific process, interfacing our mind & body with cosmic rhythm.

Naturally, a question comes to our mind – What sort of energy?


Every human being, before taking a birth or before being conceived into mother’s womb, comes from a cosmic space. In other words, he has a pre-existence somewhere in some form, albeit unknown. However, a man after taking birth becomes completely ignorant of this fact. He suffers agonies, pains & miseries of the life and blames it on his destiny. He gets inundated with negative thoughts and gets caught into the clutches of negative energy.

This is where Dr. Kale’s Energy transfer principle comes into play. He doesn’t pretend to be a pundit or scholar, guru or any spiritual mentor. He doesn’t endorse any doctrine or ‘ism’, any religion or any specific sect. He doesn’t criticize any beliefs. On the contrary, he denounces superstitions & ill-practices. He simply proclaims humanity & simplicity. He professes Kshama (apology), sweekruti (acceptance) & kritadnyata (gratitude). His preaching leads to unconditional love, not only to mankind but to all those in the nature. Benevolence of Cosmic Intelligent Energy means getting completely involved with five elements of the nature – the mother earth, Water, Light, Fire & Air /space. This means, we have to be completely in sync with the nature and its cosmic rhythm & cosmic vibrations.

The Energy Transfer technique practiced by Dr. Kale is a culmination of his ‘tapasya’ or rigorous study of various areas & strong blessings of his sadguru. It has been evolved fully on scientific basis, where people are benefited with important aspects, Gyan (Knowledge), Bhakti (devotion) & Shakti (power). This is a journey. This is transformation. More scientifically and more spiritually, this is a metamorphosis – leading a man to a new way of life or re-incarnation. In other words, this is spiritually enriched and scientifically powered lifestyle, where a man discovers his own identity and connects himself with cosmic intellectual energy.

With his clear, no-nonsense approach; firm, practical & straightforward thoughts, sincere intent & clearly articulated words, he connects himself directly to our heart. He keeps simple and enjoys a special knack to explain complex spiritual concepts in most simple manner.

Today's Quote
Human beings must be known to be loved; but God must be loved to be known.

Upcoming Energy Sessions
Energy Session | 12 & 13 January, 2013

Every day, in fact every minute,  we experience  the  unique phenomenon.  Relativity of time.  When we  are  in difficulty even a five minute trouble  appears to be too big, as if we are suffering  for  five hours.  Same  is the case with our happiness.  The happy moments evaporate fast  and even though we  enjoy happiness for  a long  time, we  feel  that it was only for few minutes. This session illustrates  that the ‘time’  is  a relative  phenomenon but if we are  able  to  apply the phenomenon of relativity with proper sense  of balance, judgment &  prudence , we can make our  life happy, prosperous and peaceful.   This enrichment in the life can be achieved Energy Session. Date: 12 & 13 January, 2013. Gaandhi Bhavan Kothrude Pune. Conatact: 9822888844  

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